Core Skills Development


Core Skills Development

The provision of core skills development programmes for all levels of staff are now recognised as key to making businesses more profitable and better places to work.

Increasingly, companies aren't just assessing their current staff and future recruits on their business skills, they are now assessing them on a whole host of core skills competencies around how well they relate and communicate to others.

Our core skills development will work with you to help you develop your people's ability to handle the core skills side of business.

All of our core skills development products are designed to adapt generic, current tools and techniques into workshop content which is tailored specifically to your business challenges. Generic skills development mapped to your own in-house competency framework.

 We provide Skills Development in:

  • Sink the Time Bandits - Effective Action and Time Planning
  • Work Life Balance - getting it right
  • It's a choice - Embracing Change
  • Knowing you - Knowing Me - Influencing and Negotiating
  • Get That Job - Developing your skills at interview
  • Brain Train - Creativity and Innovation
  • It's a Can of Worms! - Conflict Management
  • I'm Ok you're OK - Assertive Communications
  • Take a Bow it's a Standing Ovation - Presentations with Impact
  • Communication with intent - using NLP
  • So near yet so far - Working in Virtual Teams
  • Lets Go Fish - Customer Service -choose your attitude
  • Take a deep breath and just say it - Having those crucial conversations
  • From A to A* - Develop your strengths not your weaknesses
  • Why did I do that? - understanding your own personal motivation

What you looking for - Not in the list? Ask and we shall provide

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